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People Actually Pay $526 To Get To Level 70!!!

These game consultants sell what are known as power-leveling services. Essentially, that means that for a fee, they will take over your account in any one of a large number of online games and put in the work required to get you where you want to be.

That level 70 Burning Crusade power-up costs $556. The jump from level 60 to 70: $239.

Absolutely Insane! What is the point of playing if you ask me. If someone is willing to pay that much then they might as well just purchase a guide and get to 70 there self in 5-10 days.



Wow Leveling Guide

wowpaid.gifWhen I first saw this world of warcraft game, I actually saw the first trailer, and i thought “Holy $%#!” this looks awesome. Then I realized thats the only video footage in the game. That I hated, because I’m a Cut Scene guy, In my opinion cut scenes are one of the things that make games great, and fun. So, I never took wow up, but my brother did. He is a dedicated WOW player. The worst part of it is he has to spend $45 a week on a labtop to play, and he only uses the labtop to play, nothing else. Sure he has friends on the game, and he talks to them a lot, but isnt thats what IM is for, right? I try to get him off, and tell him to stop wasting his time and money on the game, but he wont. On his birthday I asked him what he wanted and he said “ Gold Making Guide”. So, being his birthday I got it for him. Now, its not as if my brother doesnt have a life, cause he does. At this moment he is a rsp training, for the National Guard. He actually goes to boot camp in November, until then he has just been living with me. If there is one thing I learned about you wow gamers is, your dedicated, and very passionate about your beloved WoW pc game. So I’m not going to fight that, in fact my brother told me if i was to put up this page, at least tell the people about the top wow leveling guide, and top wow gold making guide. So here they are:


My brother told me he made boatloads of gold from this guide. he told me something about having auctions for 10-30 things at a time, and traveling to certain parts of Outlander to kill monsters that give huge exp. He also said something about mining vailable ores or minerals, I dont know. I do know he was able to get a bunch of new creature to ride and fly within 2 week of having the guide. You have to check out this guys video!


My bro doesnt actually own this wow leveling guide, because he didnt find out about till after he was at level 70, but if he says its the best wow leveling guide, then its probaly true.


O, Thats my brother’s guy above on the header.

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